Hi there!

I’m a Canadian-born climber, photographer, and nervous giggler.

I like fresh air, open spaces, sour fruit, and climbing rocks.  I’ve got a degree in Cognitive Systems with a specialization in Computational Intelligence and Design, and I worked as a software engineer in Seattle for 7 years — but my love for the outdoors, and a desire focus my life on maintaining close personal relationships, led me to quit the tech industry.

For me, photography is just a means to share my love of climbing and nature with others.  I find fulfillment in documenting special moments for friends and strangers alike.  I think that everyone should be passionate about protecting our environment and enjoying all that life has to offer — and people only protect what they love.  If photography can inspire people to get outside and fall deeper in love with the world that surrounds them, then hopefully they will care about preserving it as well.

These days, you can usually find me climbing, taking photographs, volunteering with the Ontario Alliance of Climbers, or route setting and coaching at my local gym.

Photo by Alexa Fay of the B.I.G. Initiative

Photo by Alexa Fay of the B.I.G. Initiative